Bob Wildman Award


The Bob Wildman Award is the highest honor the East Valley Model T Ford Club can bestow on one of its members. Bob was a charter member of the Club. Always willing to help in any way he could at club events, he readily lent a helping hand to individual members as well, even if it was something totally unrelated to the Model T. He loved to drive his T and participated in as many events as possible. A very giving and special person. Bob was the first deceased active member of the East Valley Model T Ford Club.

The Bob Wildman Award is given each year to the member who, in the opinion of the Award Committee, has contributed the most of him or herself to the club. The recognition can be for a single highly significant event, but will more likely be for their contributions over a period of time, not specific to any calendar year. The award can be given to a member only once.


To nominate a deserving candidate, write to any of the Board of Directors outlining your candidate’s contributions and telling why you think he or she is deserving of the award. Even if your candidate is not selected, just being nominated is an honor in itself. Nominations should be in narrative form and may include other documents such as pictures, news articles, etc. 

Nominations must be submitted to a member of the Board of Directors not less than November 30th annually. The Board of Directors will be the Award Committee. The award will be presented at the Christmas party each year. Should a member of the Board be nominated, that member will not participate in the selection process.

Recipients of the Bob Wildman Award


Tom Hoverson 2023

Sandy Hart 2022

Ken Henry 2021

Jeff Henry 2020

Ed Stolinski 2019

Steve Nissle 2018

Bill Allen 2017

John and Jan Peterson 2016

Mel and Lori Poppe 2015

Ruthann Elms 2014

Joe Fellin 2013

Austin Graton 2012

Dave Veres 2011

Other Awards

2nd Place Winner of the MTFCA 2016 Golden Mouse Award Presented by Ken Henry to our Web Master Jeff Henry


joe-fellin receives 2014 Walter Rosenthal Award

Joe Fellin Receives the 2014 Walter Rosenthal Award

Winners of the 2012 MTFCA Newsletter Award



Congratulations! The East Valley
Model T Ford Club “Runningboard
News” was selected as the 2012
MTFCA First Place Newsletter.
Reg Urness accepted the award for
our club from Bud Redding at the
MTFCA National Meeting in
Dallas, Texas on March 23, 2013.

Reg Urness presents the 2012
MTFCA First Place Newsletter Award to Editors, Mel & Lorie Poppe



Steve Nissle presents the 2012
Trouble Trophy to George Elms